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Security Canada Central

Security Canada events are synonymous with innovation and it is thanks to the hundreds of exhibitors who make up the Security Canada experience that we can offer participants such an incredible array of products, services and new solutions on our trade show floor.

Join us on October 18-19 at the Toronto Congress Centre and build your network of contacts while seeing first-hand the following innovations from companies like:


Allegion Canada Inc.Allegion Canada Inc.
True innovation, Strong value.
Welcome to ENGAGE technology, a new connectivity platform from Schlage that makes it easy to connect people, openings and access together, delivering cost-effective intelligence and efficiency to any facility. ENGAGE technology opens the door to a new level of intelligence with optimal visibility and control. You now have the ability to see exactly who has access where and when, right at your fingertips. And, you can transition from mechanical keys to electronic credentials with technology that’s easy to install, easy to manage and easy to use. With the ENGAGE cloud-based web and mobile apps, it’s easy to configure lock settings, add users, and view audits and alerts from anywhere. For advanced capabilities including networked real-time communication with the ENGAGE Gateway, Schlage NDE cylindrical and LE mortise wireless locks can be managed with software from one of our access control alliance members.
ELK Products, Inc.ELK Products, Inc.
M1 Control products safeguard against cyber threats and other security risks with superior encryption & multi-level authentication for alarm communicators and IoT smart control. Communications for programming and IoT smart control utilize the same encryption methods used by many financial institutions. To further increase security, longer encryption keys are required making it virtually impossible for hackers to decrypt the information. Remote connectivity for programming through ElkRP2 requires a valid serial number and a Remote Programming Access Code set by the installer. It cannot be viewed or changed through any user interface. A connected session with ElkRP2 is necessary, requiring knowledge of the current code. Remote connectivity for IoT smart control requires valid user credentials, which includes user name, password, and user code. ELK Two-Way Wireless sensors have increased immunity to hacking/jamming attacks. Encrypted two-way communication ensures secure and reliable transmissions. Automatically scans and hops multiple frequency channels preventing hackers from scanning or locking on to the operating frequency. ELK’s Two-Way Wireless has the Underwriter Laboratory (UL) listing for detecting and reporting outside jamming attempts. M1 Controls feature an advanced 32-bit microprocessor versus the 8-bit microprocessors of typical security controls. ELK’s processors are more secure and less susceptible to hacking. The advanced processors also ensure faster task completion and more capabilities. 15% off any order placed at the Security Canada Central Show; orders will be processed through your chosen ELK distributor.
Geovision CanadaGeovision Canada
Access Control with full IP Camera integration Geovision Canada will be showing off our full line of Access Control with IP Camera integration. More and more, people are looking for single applications that can offer more, with GeoVision access control and IP camera solution, you can. Come by our booth and learn about full access and video integration.
Napco Security TechnologiesNapco Security Technologies
Napco just introduced its award-winning universal StarLink® Cellular Alarm Communicators to Canada, for extended coverage across North America . Plus, we are also offering our "Free for All" promotion, making them free with any trade-up from POTs lines, old radio networks or even on new construction. Used on any Alarm Panel Brand reporting Contact ID or 4/2, they will report full data (backup or primary) to your choice of any central station in North America with no extra equipment. StarLink has the easiest 10 minute, 4-wire installation and fee-free activation, and requires No power supply as it's powered by the panel. It also offers a Smart Phone consumer app for easy one-button remote system control option too. So, it's literally Free & Easy. Ask for StarLink SLE-GSM3/4G AT&T® Network Intrusion Alarm Reporting Cell Communicator at the distributor near you, just $139.95 CAD everyday price, less our $140 CAD trade-up incentive on unlimited models, so it's free* and ideal for trading up any and all accounts you encounter (there's a StarLink Fire® Alarm Model, too)
Security Response CenterSecurity Response Center
Now offering SRC Two Way Text Alert
Services/Bold NotifyMe
While many in the Security Monitoring Industry have adopted the use of no response Text notification services, we are pleased to offer our customers SRC Two Way Text Alert Services. This alongside our Bold NotifyMe mobile app offerings, keep SRC at the forefront of new and innovative ways of offering better service to our customers.
SRC Two Way Text Alert Services: Customers interested in using our SRC Two Way Text Alert Services should know that this communication feature automatically provides text notifications to specified mobile devices. Utilizing script messages, SRC can initiate contact and receive responses via SMS on any phone or tablet device connected to the Internet. Through this functionality, responsible parties can acknowledge receipt, identify responsibility, and even perform such actions as extend a late-to-close and cancel an alarm. Customers can press 1 to acknowledge, and the automation simply cancels the alarm, noting acknowledged. They can press 2 if they would like to be contacted. This then prompts SRC Operator’s attention with a note in automation, advising them that the customer has requested a call. If they do not take the above actions within a period of time specified by the Dealer, the automation prompts the alarm up to the Operator’s attention.
BOLD NotifyME: Our partnership with Bold Technologies has allowed Security Response Center to offer even more to their diverse client base. Bold NotifyMe will alert all registered users on an account when an alarm occurs on their security system. Concurrently, a timer will begin, counting down until the central station is alerted to the alarm. Through the app, the users will be able to communicate with each other in a conversation window and manage the alarm response. The alarm can be verified immediately and sent through to the central station, or cancelled by the user and removed from the central station’s queue. The timer can also be reset, giving the users additional time to investigate the occurrence.
Senstar has made installing perimeter security on your fence easy and affordable. The FlexZone fence sensor instantly adds a reliable layer of security by detecting and locating any attempt to cut, climb or break through a fence. It is hassle-free to set-up and maintain; integrates easily with existing alarm systems; and is reliable and robust. And now, with FlexZone Kits, you can get perimeter security for up to 600 m (compared to 400 m) at a price that is 20% less than the competition. Visit us at the CANASA shows to learn more about FlexZone Kits and about the FlexZone Wireless Gate Sensor which addresses the long-standing challenge of installing and maintaining sensor cables on sliding and swinging gates.
TOA Canada CorporationTOA Canada Corporation
Emergency Communication is all about putting people first. Whether you are managing the safety of your employees, residents or the public, we know your emergency communication is what matters most to you. After all, emergency communication saves lives! TOA Corporation provides products that are ideal for keeping a building safe while providing effective, intelligible communications throughout, during an emergency and for everyday use. TOA Canada Corporation will showcase the world's first Voice Evacuation System complying with both American and Canadian standards UL 2572 and CAN/ULC-S576 listings. TOA will also showcase our IP Intercom system and ULC speakers.